Call for cities: Accelerator program on AI for cities

16 November 2017
Judith Stiekema

The City of Saint-Quentin is looking for cities to participate in an accelerator program on AI (driven by TM Forum) – free of charge.

Cooperating with TM Forum’s team, the City of Saint-Quentin (FR) is focussing on a specific use case inside the Catalyst Program. This accelerator program brings together cities, who define a challenge, and companies, taking the challenge and proposing solutions. This team will then work together during 4-6 months to develop a prototype.

Cities will team up with AI providers to develop predictive tools helping them to plan field interventions of their teams better in order to realize cost savings and offer insights of where the quality of the service can be improved.

The defined application domains are for the moment: cleanness of the streets, road maintenance, violations of parking rules, prevention and repression of offences.  The application domains are still open (till December 15 when the full proposal will be submitted) to your city needs.

The City of Saint-Quentin is searching for additional cities to cooperate on this challenge to explore the positive benefits of AI for cities. The more cities joining the challenge, the more attractive it becomes for solution providing companies to join forces and develop creative and innovative solutions for this challenge. If you want to join this free program, let the city of Saint-Quentin know before December 15 (but sooner is even better).

  • Main deadlines:
    • Mid-December: proposal submission deadline
    • January: deadline for the constitution of the team bringing together cities and companies
    • January to June: development of the solution
    • 18 –  17 May: show and demonstration time during the TM Forum Live! in Nice (France)
  • Conditions of participation for cities:
    • No membership to TM Forum required
    • No additional cost to participate to the program
    • Sign a contract covering IP and liability elements
  • Proof of concept financing :
    • Cities do not pay a fee. They are just expected to contribute time and effort towards defining the challenge, establishing the business requirements/use cases, and giving feedback on solutions as they are developed.
    • Each SME pay a fee to participate, so the amount of funding dedicated to the prototype is related to the number of SME joining the project.
    • TM Forum : a dedicated TM Forum staff team supports all aspects of the project including project management support, technical support to SME, marketing support, logistics support for demonstration needs in preparing for and during the event “Live TM Forum !” in Nice.

Your city wants to participate in this acceleration program or you want to receive more information? Contact before December 15:


Innovation manager of the City of Saint-Quentin

Tel : +33 (0)3-23-06-92-65

Email :

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